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Pay Rent through Credit Card


Now a days we have option to pay our rent via credit card and Earn Rewards.

I Will share all the details with you so you can make whether you should pay your rent through Credit Card or Not.

List of Companies providing the option

  • No Broker
  • CRED
  • RedGirraffe
  • Housing

Charges for Paying Rent via Credit Card

  • No Broker – 1%
  • CRED – 1.5%
  • RedGirraffe – 0.46% (minimum Rs.46)
  • Housing – 1.25%

As we can see from above RedGirraffe is offering the lowest rate. But setting up for RedGirraffe is a bit time taking as compared to other options. Also, there are other factors that I have discussed in the video. So do check the video for more understanding

Video on Rent payment via Credit Card

If you have any question please feel free to comment the same.

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