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New Update in Cred App.

If you new to Cred you should check my Details Review on Cred, before going through this post.

It’s been one year since I am using Cred. Cred had help me pay my bill on time, earn cashback (Burn) & Voucher. There has been several changes in last one year. There are few important update in Cred App, few are good few are bad for the user.

Cred Burn

Previously we use to get 5 Burn Per Card Per Calendar Month. Now we Will only get 5 Burn Per Cred Account Per Calendar Month . This update is really disappointing for people who like the burn feature. BUT Cred is bring new Raffle and voucher instead of this. I earned a Tata Cliq Voucher of Rs.500 this month.

Communication with Cred Team

Rent Payment

  • Cred launch Rent Payment services in the month of April. Through this service you can Pay Rent using Credit Card or UPI.
  • Charges for Rent Payment through Credit Card is 1.5% (including GST)
  • Charges for Rent Payment through UPI is NIL.
  • At the movement it not asking for Any rent agreement for proceeding the same.
  • But you should only use this if you earn more then 1.5% rewards on your credit card.


Announcement of Stash on LinkedIn
  • Stash will help Cred user to get instant Credit. The limit will be depend on Credit Score and other parameter set by Cred.
  • Rate of Interest will also be competitive as Cred will be offering product to customer who have good credit score.
  • Also there are good chance there won’t be any prepayment fees.
  • Stash will be available in Phase manner. So once it is available I will share more details on same.

Download Cred: Click Here

Video on Update in Cred App

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