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About us

Mahek Asar

Welcome to Fun Finance. I am Mahek Asar, founder of Fun Finance. I started Fun Finance with the intention of sharing information on Credit Cards, Investment & Insurance.

We are a family of more than 18000 subscribers on YouTube as 20th of August 2021.

I am currently using more than 17 Credit Cards to save thousands of rupees every month.

At the time of Moratorium, I created a Calculator to calculate the additional cost due to moratorium, number of EMI that will be increased, etc. The Calculator was Downloaded by More than 32000 times. The video was viewed by more than 98000 times.

Apart from Moratorium Calculator, I have created various calculators depending upon the need of Subscriber.

In my YouTube I have created content on
1. Review of Courses for options selling by PR Sundar and Theta Gainers
2. I have also Created a series in Basic of Options Selling where I have tried to covered various topics in options selling. So do visit my channel to check the same.

You can also connect with us on Following Platforms